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Download the Minecraft - Pocket Edition Demo and experience the popular indie game on your Android device. Although the demo version is no longer available, you can check out the full version here.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Demo offers both Creative and Survival modes. In Creative mode, you have access to infinite blocks to build whatever you can imagine. However, there is no save game feature in the demo version. In Survival mode, you must collect resources, build structures, and fight off monsters to survive.

The controls in Minecraft - Pocket Edition Demo are surprisingly good, considering the transition from Mouse/Keyboard to touchscreen. The game has implemented useful features like auto-jump, making traveling and climbing easier.

The graphics and sound effects in Minecraft - Pocket Edition Demo are reminiscent of the original Minecraft Classic. The pixelated, blocky graphics are iconic, and the game offers a unique and immersive experience.

If you enjoy the demo version, consider getting the full version, as developers Mojang constantly add new features and updates to enhance the gameplay experience.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Demo allows you to mine and build on the go, making it a great choice for gaming on the move. Try it out and start digging!


  • New crafting UI accessible from the Inventory menu
  • Introduction of cows and chickens
  • Damageable items
  • Drop items from your selection slots by pressing and holding
  • Some resources can only be gathered with specific tools (see crafting description)

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